Stacker Trailers – Better Way To Transport Cars

You must have heard about all the different kinds of trailers available on the market these days. But, did anyone mention “stacker trailer” yet? Well, not a lot of people know about these even though stacker trailer for sale is very useful. Let us give you a brief about them.

Stacker trailers are basically car trailers that have upper and lower decks for loading cars. So, you have more space for loading, allowing you to transport more cars from one location to another on a single trip. These trailers feature a lift that enables you to load cars on the upper deck. And these trailers come in both versions – bumper pull as well as gooseneck. Gooseneck trailers can hold 3 cars while bumper pull models are capable of holding 2 cars. Most of the stackers trailers that you will find on the market have finished cabinets and interiors as well as tie down systems. So, you don’t have to worry about spending more money on any of these.

There are a number of stacker trailer options available at your disposal. There are elements that you can choose to have in the trailer. Or you can even do without them if you feel so. It all depends on your needs.


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