Main Types of Utility Trailers Used for Sale

Cargo trailers are extremely helpful and safe when you have to move big goods from one place to another. Whether it is boxes, vehicles, furniture or any other kind of bulk items, utility trailers used for sale turn out to be the best option.

There are four major types of cargo trailers that are available for sale easily.

1. Multiple axle trailers:
If you are going to move more than 3000 pounds of weight at once, you should go for a dual or multiple axle trailers. The higher number and position of the axles helps in uniform weight dispersion during transport thereby keeping your goods safe.

2. Single axle trailers:
Common household goods and small business payloads can be easily moved in single axle trailers. But the combined weight of the goods should not be more than 2500 -3000 pounds.

3. Enclosed and specialty enclosed trailers:
If there are several small and loose parts that cannot be held in place using ropes or ties and small boxes that hold a risk of slipping out during transportation, you should choose enclosed trailers that either have solid side walls or are of a flatbed kind. The specialty enclosed trailers are mostly used when a lot of animals are to be moved to another location.

4. Open trailers:
These are cheap and quite common. If there is no fear of any small goods slipping away, you can trust these trailers to do the job.


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